Skills Acquisition Programmes

3 Sep by Teekay

Skills Acquisition Programmes

Skill acquisition as a means of youth empowerment has caught government’s attention in Nigeria for over two decades.

This is so because it is believed that exposing youth in skill acquisition programmes will reduce youth unemployment and enhance their self sustenance.

In view of this therefore, this paper examines different skill acquisition programmes established by past and present administrations in the country to ensure youth empowerment.

It also discusses different youth empowerment strategies that could imbibe in the youths the spirit of self-reliance and self-dependence.

Skill acquisition can be defined as the form of training by individuals or group of individuals that can lead to
acquisition of knowledge for self sustenance.

It involves the training of people in different fields of trade under a legal agreement between the trainers and the trainees for certain duration and under certain conditions.

Accordingly, Magbagbeola (2004) posited that skills acquisition requires the accumulation of different skills that
enhances task performance through the integration of both theoretical and practical forms of knowledge.

He enumerated the guidelines for the sustenance of skill acquisition programme to include the followings;

  • Provision of training that gives the trainees the opportunities to acquire skills that are appropriate for preparation in a field of trade for gainful employment.
  • Provision of definite skills that relate to each trade that makes one a professional in one field instead of the
  • that training have to be done by competent, experienced and qualified instructors
  • Skill acquisition requires much practice, patience, interest, ability, aptitude and personality traits.
  • Skill acquisition requires conducive environment.
  • Training requires constructive human relationship, business skills, imitation and constructive ideas.
  • The principles guiding training in a particular field in terms of attitude, customer-relationship, productivity,
    efficiency, supply and demand needs to be appreciated.

From the above scenario, it can be stated that skill acquisition requires a holistic approach in the realization of
creative ideas.

It helps in the transformation of knowledge and skills into creative venture. This paper therefore, discusses the impact of skill acquisition on youth empowerment.


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